• Scrotus the Wise

    Scrotus the Wise

    Writer, athlete, actor. Not going quietly into this or any other good night.

  • rob yates

    rob yates

    "Give me a soft subtle mix And if ain't broke then don't try to fix it"

  • Catriona Campbell

    Catriona Campbell

    Behavioural psychologist; AI-quisitive; EY UK&I Client Technology & Innovation Officer. Views my own & don't represent EY’s position. catrionacampbell.com

  • Dr Ighumhighu spells

    Dr Ighumhighu spells

    I am dr ighumhighu the most gifted witch doctor the most powerful astrologer in the world I use my psych power to detect problems and find positive solutions

  • l.a. socol

    l.a. socol

    Goal=1.7K. Graduate student in California, avid reader, and lifelong learner.

  • Daniella Cressman

    Daniella Cressman

    I pen articles about politics, personal finance, & writing. Pen names: Isabelle Dickinson (Romance novels) & Edmond Alexander (Mystery novels) — forthcoming.

  • Francesco Aresco

    Francesco Aresco

    CofE ordainand, artist and illustrator, omnivorous reader.

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